chestnuts roasting on an open fire

by louise

At last year’s Rocky Mountain Christmas Party we had an outdoor fire, and I think it ended up being the best spot at the party. While the fire was the hot spot (pun intended), its setup was a little rough. We just dug a small ditch in the back yard and placed some rocks around it. I decided we’d just call it “rustic” though and that was fine because it was in keeping with our party theme.

Since last year, I came across a great idea for a better looking yet just as affordable fire pit during one of my 30 minute Pinterest surf sessions. Basically, you dig a circular hole deep enough to place an upright brick along the side. Easy, right? And since I had some bricks that fell off our chimney (we live in an old house that hasn’t been well cared for – I just love it too much to leave though) it would be free.


Pinterest links the idea back to Carrie Waller, blogger for

So last week I set about trying to create my fire pit and quickly realized the yard is all rocks! I should have known better. When we moved in the back yard was a jungle and we worked really hard to clear it out. We had plans to try and grow some grass but realized the tree canopy would make that impossible.  So basically we’ve resigned ourselves to the fact that the yard is only useful for winter fires and we’ll have a pretty backyard one day when we buy our own home. Ugh.

I was growing really frustrated upon realizing the yard was all rocks but suddenly this year’s party theme flashed through my head. We’re having A Charlie Brown Christmas and the point is to remember this season is not about the “over-commercialization of Christmas.” Linus recites the second chapter of the Gospel of Luke to explain the reason for the season and I choose to interpret that message in my own way – it’s about the family and friends I’ve been blessed to have in my life. So I took a deep breath and did what I could with the fire pit. The end result isn’t as pretty but it will work just as well.

louise firepit

While I’m at it, I might as well share one more fire-related Pinterest failure. I loved this idea of storing matches in a jar and adding sand paper to the top for striking purposes. The sandpaper didn’t work for me so I just cut off the striking strip from the matchbox and added it to the lid. Works just fine and the end result is still prettier than leaving a matchbox or lighter in the living room.


Pinterest links the idea back to The Burlap

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