2013 Office Facelift

by louise

I feel very fortunate that I love the people I work with and my job. I even have a really nice sized office where I’m allowed to add my personal touches. Awesome, right? Well unfortunately, after two years I’ve only managed to hang up one small picture. The rest of the office is vanilla, plain and very boring. So this year I decided I’d try to spruce things up a bit and add some color. My first project, paint a stapler I have at home to trade out with the black one provided by the office. I came across this idea on the Design For Mankind blog written by Erin Loechner.

Erin provides great instructions on color blocking a stapler so rather than repeat what she said you should visit her page. I’ll just share some pictures from my attempt and let you know if I have any additional suggestions.

Step 1: Prep stapler – either disassemble or tape off certain sections

original stapler

I wasn’t able to figure how to easily disassemble my stapler so I taped sections off. It took a little time but nothing too painful.

taped stapler

Step 2: Prime – always!

primed stapler

Step 3: Spray paint using two colors and finish with a protective coat

color blocked no 1

color blocked no 2

color blocked no 3

And that’s it! I know the finished product isn’t perfect but the extra pop of color will definitely make me smile from time to time while on the job. I have a few more ideas for jazzing up the office that I plan on working throughout this month so check back in next week.

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